Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Torture of Detainees

          Torturing a human being in exchange for information or a plea has been widely debated across the world for years. After the terrorist attack on 9/11, The Geneva Conventions and the International Convention Against Torture regulated harmful treatment of detainees and prohibited both physical and mental torture. In January 2002, the members of Al Qaeda were deemed “unlawful combatants” meaning they were not members of regularly constituted armies. Methods of interrogation were altered for this case, and some believe these methods are considered torture...seeing as many detainees died because of the extremity of their maltreatment. I believe, as a nation, it is necessary to draw the line where need be, specifically in the treatment of detainees. In order to stand by the nation’s value of upholding the individual, each federal case should be handled thoroughly and carefully. By using torture in the past, the U.S has already begun to break trust with other nations.
          There should be a clear distinction when treating citizens and noncitizens. Whether the detainee is a citizen or not, their type of treatment should be based on how threatening they are towards the U.S. The point of capturing individuals in places like Guantanamo Bay is to reduce the number of threatening persons from attacking our nation. Their treatment should be handled as such.
          There is a big responsibility that comes with these decisions. I do not believe the President is or should ever be the sole individual responsible for these decisions. By gaining the opinions of those in the Supreme Court and the decision board at Guantanamo, a more thorough and intellectual decision will come to fruition.

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  1. I really agree with the points that you made. The president definitely should no the the sole person making these difficult decisions regarding treatment of detainees. Also, you were right when you said that citizens and non citizens should be treated the same. I also believe that extreme methods should only be used if and only if they have reasons to do so. In general The treatment they recieve is really bad . There must be a way to punish without stripping away ones humanity.